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How To Choose The Right Dog Door For Your Pet

dog door

dog doorDogs are amusing and fun to be with.

They are intelligent, playful and can socially interact with humans like no other animals can do.

Aside from their needs that we tend to every day, there’s one thing they will be more than happy to have, a Dog Door.

Who doesn’t love freedom?

I am sure your dogs do.

A dog door allows your dogs to roam around freely in and out of the house.

Installing one of this in your house would definitely lighten your load, without having to open the doors for your dogs to let them in or out of the house.

Before you buy a dog door, let me show you the guidelines and consideration on how to choose the best door for your dog.

A Buyer’s Guide To Getting The Best Dog Door

Choosing the best door for your dog is easy considering that there is a wide variety of products available in the market today. To find the best, we have to consider these factors.

1. Evaluate your Dog:

 a) Dog Size: Your dog must fit the door. You have to measure your dog’s height and width to establish the dimension or size of the dog door you’re looking for.

  • Instead from the head make the measurement from your dog’s shoulder to its chest with 2” allowance to cover the height. Dogs usually duck their heads and lift their feet when entering the narrow opening. Measure their shoulder width, so you can get a dog door that they can pass through without touching the sides.
  • You also need to consider growth if you have a pup. They will continue to grow so you need to cater for his/her adult size.

  b) Dog Type: 

  • Each dog differs from one another, especially in strength. You have to take into account if your dog is able to push heavier flaps.

3. Entrance Options:

  • Your dog door can be installed on the walls, storm door, sliding glass doors or garage doors. Usually, the location depends on your house design. Ensure that the door is installed in a location that provides safe access upon entry and exit. Avoid installing your dog door where the exit is directly onto the driveway in front of your garage.
  • Decide where in your house you will be installing the dog door. Measure the dimensions on the spot where you would be placing the dog door, to make sure that the dog door you will be getting fits nicely at that chosen spot.

4. Dog Door Material: Durability and energy efficiency are the 2 main factors that you have to consider in choosing the right dog material.

  • Durability: Evaluate your dog’s behavior. Some dogs love to chew and scratch. Make sure that your door is durable enough to withstand stress and abuse from your naughty pet.
  • Energy Efficient: This is a very important because you don’t want your bills skyrocketed after installing the wrong one. Dog door with weather stripping is a fine choice. The strip’s sole purpose is to seal the gaps between the panel and door. This helps to maintain warmth in the house and keep the cold out.

5. The Mode Of Operation:

  • Manual: This is the most common of dog door type wherein the installation is on the wall or door while using a flap to act as a barrier between dog’s entrance and exit. With proper training, your dog can easily go in and out of the house through the dog door. If you choose this kind of dog door, make sure that you have a dog fence around your house to keep your dog within your property.
  • Automatic/ Electronic:  This type of door offers the pet owner the control over which pet can go in and out of the house. Automatic door is more sophisticated and advanced than manual. It uses sensor, microchip and transmitter to allow access through the door. An electronic device is embedded on the collar of you dog, so only your dog is allowed to get through the door.  This helps to keep stray animals and pests from entering the house. Automatic doors are more expensive, but give you the control and security.


Having a dog seems like having a child of your own. We have to take care of them in so many ways just to make them comfortable and happy when they are with us.

But let’s face it, we can’t be there for them all the time.

Providing a dog door is one of the most beneficial way to keep them healthy all the time. This access will allow them to play and run outside whenever they want.

In choosing the best dog door, it is advised to concentrate on what type of door you and your dog need. Choose wisely and within budget.

Do you have any tips and ideas about the best dog doors? You can tell us about it in the comments section below.


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