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Is Corn Safe For Dog To Eat?

cornCanine owners have begun questioning the use of corn in dog good.

Is it safe for their canine friends to eat?

Corn contributes to a number of dog ailments like bloating, allergies, joint swelling and aflatoxin contamination. The corn found in dog found often has mycotoxins – fungi or mold toxins.

Corn will metabolize in dogs like sugar metabolizes in human beings. It’s basically feeding children foods loaded with corn syrup.  Your canine will not be as healthy and could experience hyperactivity, crashes and surges of energy. He/she may also have difficulty in concentrating. 

According to several studies, high amounts of corn can hinder the serotonin in the brain – a necessary chemical for decreasing anxiety and stress.

Dogs are unable to process the corn properly (digesting it is not easy). Of course, corn is an inexpensive filler and has next to no nutritional value. Much of it will be excreted in their waste.

Be Mindful Of What Is In Your Dog’s Food

When you’re shopping for dog food, be sure you review the label on each product and know what the ingredients are. Most of the dog foods sold will have some kind of corn product like corn meal.

Cane sugar has a high tariff placed on it and creating it artificially is much more expensive.

Most anything, food-wise, is made with either high fructose corn syrup or corn syrup. In fact, you’d be flabbergasted by the amount of products that has HFCS including some canine foods and treats.

In the United States, HFCS has been attributed to the increasing numbers of obesity and diabetes.


Dog Food Companies and Veterinarians:
Why People Are Disillusioned About Corn-Filled Canine Products

Many big name dog food companies will offer their services to veterinarian schools.

According to many vet students, they have received free samples, received large discounts, had food supplied for their animals, purchased donuts, textbooks, breakfast, given them jobs, etc.

The effort of these companies is to convince the young vets that canine foods with by products and corn in them are safe for your pet to consume.

When a vet begins his/her practice, the company provides the vet an opportunity to sell their foods, giving them a plethora of free samples and literature and a rep that can answer all questions people may have about the nutrition.

When people see these foods in the office, they automatically believe the food must be good for their canine friend.  It’s these same games that claim the junk ingredients and corn are good for your canine’s health.

There is an array of grain-free brands that you can choose for your canine or feline friend. However, you need to purchase them in a feed or pet store since they’re not generally found in most retail or grocery markets.

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