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How to Groom a Dog with Electric Clippers

So, you have decided to groom your dog at home, but now you need to know how to groom a dog with electric clippers. Well, you have came to the right place as we have put together some of the most important tidbits of information that you need to know on how to groom a dog with electric clippers the proper way.

Before you get started cutting your dog’s hair there are a few things you should be aware of. First, always be sure to treat your dog with safety and make sure you plan how the hair will be cut before beginning. Prior to using the electric clippers your dog will need to begin with a clean coat that has been brushed out and free of tangles and mats, as doing so makes clipping the coat evenly more easy to do.

Prepare yourself for Success

So, you have your dog and the clippers, what do you do to prevent from messing up your dog’s hair? Well, here you will find some extremely useful tips for preparing your dog for the clippers and keeping your pooch trimmed up:

  • Begin clipping your dog as young as possible. It is much more difficult to get an older dog to accept the hair clippers than it is to get a puppy used to them.
  • Compare the level of sound associated with selected clippers and pick the quietest one. Let’s face it – the buzzing from some devices can get loud enough to scare humans too!
  • Read up on the standards for your specific breed. Many times if you do this you can gain valuable insight into how the dog’s coat should be cut, and tips on how to make it look that way.
  • Visit the breed’s club site to see if they offer tips on how various club members maintain their dogs’ coats. You may get lucky and find out that you own a breed whose club provides free guidelines as to how the dog’s coat should appear.
  • Inquire from a breeder or professional groomer to see if they can show you how to groom a dog with an electric clippers. Although you may not think so, many breeders and groomers would be delighted to help you learn the information you seek.

Just remember that if you make a mistake, don’t stress or panic because though the dog may have a few bad hair days, it will grow out eventually. Your main focus should always be using safety with your clippers.

Clipper Safety

WHow to groom a dog with electric clippershen you first begin to groom your dog with electric clippers you should follow these simple safety precautions to properly cut your dog’s coat:

  • Use only clippers with a sharp blade because dull clippers can pull hair quite a bit.
  • To achieve the result you are hoping for, make sure to use the clipper blade that is best suited for your breed’s coat.

If you are unsure about which blade cut you are using, simply use one of the multiple snap-on guide combs available. The combs will help ensure you make an even cut.

Make sure you keep your blades lubricated using clipper coolant to keep them from becoming hot during the grooming, and thus burning your dog. This lubricant or coolant can be purchased through third party pet supply catalogs or the internet. You must beware that clipper blades will become very hot if you use them for a long period of time. The problem is that if you burn your dog, he won’t forget anytime soon and thus learn to dislike the clippers. Therefore, when you are still learning how to groom a dog with electric clippers, the most important thing you remember is to lubricate; just be sure to wipe off any extra as you don’t want the oil getting all over your dog’s nice, clean coat.

The best thing to do here is to turn your clippers off frequently and touch them to see how hot they are. At the point where they start becoming too warm, you will just spray on the clipper coolant; this coolant is made especially for cooling clipper blades. If you do not have any coolant on hand, you can also try the following ideas to cool your clippers down:

  • Switch the blades out, letting any hot ones cool down.
  • Switch to new clippers altogether, if you have another one.
  • Press the blade against a metal surface. Here you can use a baking sheet or cookie sheet as anything metal works well to cool your clippers quickly.

Making the First Clip

Before touching the clippers to your dog’s fur, make sure the hair is clean and there are no mats or tangles. Position the clippers in your hand in a way that is comfortable for you and gives you the most control over the electric clippers.

When you are first learning how to groom a dog with electric clippers you will see that it is easiest to begin cleaning up areas where the dog was already trimmed at one point. If you start with an area that is inconspicuous, then you will easily be able to tell how much hair the clipper is going to remove at once. If the amount coming off is too much or too little, simply adjust the level by changing to a more applicable blade.

Before you move on to areas of thick, deep fur, make sure you choose the correct clipper size and blade for your dog’s coat. Just remember that the higher the number is on the blade, the finer and shorter the cut will be.

In the end, learning how to groom a dog with electric clippers is not hard. This guide is set to serve you on the basics of the procedure. However, bear in mind that there are many ways on how to groom a dog using electric clippers, so if one way doesn’t work for you, find another!

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  1. Wow this was very informative. I’m not an expert in dog grooming however I know a thing or two about hair clippers so I’d like to add a couple of points on what to look out for when choosing which hair clippers to buy. First off please note that there is a difference between clippers and trimmers and therefore make sure you get the right kind for your purposes. Now, when it comes to which model of hair clipper to chose the important features to look out for are motor power, type of blades (hint: titanium blades are by far superior but they also carry a high price tag), weight and grip (they have to be easy to handle and use), clipper guard attachments (make sure the model you chose comes with the clipper guards you need to do the job). Hope this was useful.

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