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Dog Nail Clippers Buyer’s Guide (And Which Ones Are The Best)

An important part of the dog grooming process is to clip dog nails. After all, the constant “click, click, click” can become quite irritating when they walk along your floor. When you hear this, you know it’s time to clip your dog’s nails. Keep in mind that long nails can injure your dog’s feet. On top of that, they can damage the carpet or furniture.

Long sharp nails on a dog can rip your favorite cushion or leave a permanent scratch on your furniture. If they are allowed to grow, the nails can become infected and ingrown. The nails can get so long until they curl back into the skin on the animal. Long nails can cause the animal immense pain and they can even suffer malformations that are permanent.

Therefore, when your pet’s nails are long (you hear the nails tapping the floor as your dog walks), it is time to clip your dog’s nails. You can get these done by a professional or you can use dog nail clippers designed for dogs and do the job at home.

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Before You Begin Clipping Your Dog’s Nails…

dog nailsIf you are going to clip your pooch’s nails yourself, one of your first tasks will be to decide what types of clippers you’re going to use. There are 4 fundamental varieties of dog nail clippers, scissors-, pliers- and guillotine-style as well as the dog nail grinder.

The scissors style is relatively cheaper and is an ideal clipper for small dogs. The pliers and guillotine styles are both around the same price. The dog nail grinder is more expensive but it’s perfect if you’re new to trimming the nails on your dog and it’s safer than the other types of nail clippers.

Other tools you’ll require include a nail file so that you can file and remove any rough edges after the clipping is done (you don’t need a file if you are getting a grinder). Get ready a styptic pen nearby in the event that you accidentally clip the dog’s quick and injure the dog (Touchwood!).

Buyers’ Guide to The 4 Types Of Dog Nail Clippers

Scissors Style Clippers ($2 – $15)

Dog Nail Clippers | clip dog nails | Dog grooming trainingAs the name suggests, these are scissors-style clippers with notches on the blades to firmly hold the nail of the dog while it’s clipped. You squeeze the clipper’s handles to cut the nail on the animal.

These are inexpensive to buy. They do a good job on smaller dogs because theses scissors are light in weight. These clippers won’t trim the nails of bigger dogs so that’s their main disadvantage.

Pliers Style Clippers ($5-$25)

Dog Nail Clippers | clip dog nails | Dog grooming training

Each of these dog nail clippers function like a pair of pruning shears. It has 2 notched blades which surround & cut through your dog’s nail. You work the pliers style clippers by squeezing the handle together to trim the nail. You are able to see where the clipper will cut so you can determine where you want to cut the nail and make the right cut the first time you use these clippers. If you own a large dog with thicker nails these clippers work quite well for that purpose. When the blades become dull, they may crush instead of cut the nail. So once they are dull, make sure you will have the old one replaced.

Guillotine Style Clippers ($7 – $20)

Dog Nail Clippers | clip dog nails | Dog grooming trainingThese have a stationary ring through which you put the nail of the dog. By pressing down on the handles of the guillotine-clippers, you’ll cut the nail as its cutting blade moves up to slice off the dog’s nail. It’s much the same way as the old guillotines of medieval Europe worked except this is “off with the nail.”

One main advantage of these dog nail clippers is that you can replace the blades, so you can use them for a long time and don’t have to buy a new clipper when the blades become dull. You’ll get a good cut with these too.

Dog Nail Grinder ($13 – $55)

dog nail grinder | dog grooming training | clip dog nailsThese usually have a high-speed rotating pad that you use against the nails on your dog one at a time.  This dog nail grinder doesn’t cut the nails but files them down instead. These can be used to safely shorten the nails one at a time and the animal won’t feel any pain while you do this. The grinder also won’t harm the quick on the dog with an accidental snip like the clippers can do. However, they cost more than the other clippers. If you decide to use a grinder, one with sensors is your best option if you’re new to clipping because the grinder will minimize the chances that you’ll injure the dog but cutting into the sensitive quick. Know more about dog nail grinders.

Which Dog Nail Clippers Should You Pick

The dog nail clippers you pick will depend upon your experience with clippers and your comfort with using them. If you are experienced with grooming a dog, you’ll probably use the guillotine-style dog nail clippers as they give precise cuts and you can replace the blades with ease which saves you money in the long run. If your dog is a bit edgy about nail clipping or you are a beginner, a dog nail grinder may be your best starter.

Money will also play a factor in your decision on choosing which clippers to get. Whatever you decide to use, it’s important to take your time with the clipping procedure so you’re calm and your dog is comfortable. Once you get used to it, your dog will enjoy the experience.

Tips in Choosing the Best Nail Clipper For Your Dog

Although you will find many other branded dog nail clippers in the market but there is a lot separates the best dog nail clippers from the ordinary ones. Keep in mind that you should always choose a nail clipper according to the size of your dog.

Desirable Features in the Best Nail Clippers for Dogs

If you really want to choose the best dog nail clipper, then you should make sure it has the following features:

  • Comfortable handles
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Safe

Best Choice in Dog Nail Trimmers

The best nail clippers for dogs are usually the ones with the highest quality, having comfortable, ergonomic, non-slip handles and very sharp stainless steel blades. When choosing a nail clipper to trim your dog’s nails always make sure that the blades are right size according to your dog’s nails. The best dog nail clippers allow that you get best cuts when cutting your dog’s nails. So invest in the right dog nail clipper now and the next time you hear that ‘clicking’ sound while your dog is walking, you will be ready with the right tool to trim the nails.

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Learn How to Use the Clippers

Be careful when cutting the nail and recognize where the quick is on your dog. This area is sensitive and you don’t want to cut into it and cause bleeding and pain to your dog. If your dog has white translucent nails, it is quite easy to spot the quick (the pinkish part). However, some of the dogs have darker nails.

In such cases, don’t cut too far down all at once; clip off small portions of the nail until the nails are no longer tapping on the floor. You will have to clip carefully and observe the nail. If the nail feels spongy while you try to clip it, you need to stop the cutting or you could injure your dog. The whole idea is to go slowly and don’t rush it especially if it’s your first time grooming your pet’s nails with dog nail clippers or with the grinder.

How To Properly Groom A Dog and Clip Dog Nails

Dog grooming training | Clip Dog NailsProfessional dog groomers have undergone dog grooming training to take special care when they groom a dog, especially when it comes to clipping. The trimmers must securely go over the nails’ diameter and not cut at an angle. If you plan on doing this part of the dog grooming task at home, you need to know where you must cut and how deep into the nail to clip.

To do this, you’ll need to find the quick and avoid cutting into it. Beginning at the base is a vein that runs halfway up the nail, also known as the ‘quick’. In that vein are lots of nerve endings and blood vessels. Cut into the quick and the nail is going to start bleeding and your dog will feel pain. If you notice your dog is hurting, stop for the moment and comfort your canine friend.

The majority of dogs hate this part of the dog grooming process; it’s extremely stressful to them.

So How Can You Get Them Acclimated To Nail Clipping?

Start by brushing his/her coat. Once comfortable and calm, place his/her paw in your hand and start massaging their feet like you’re playing with them. Bring the clippers out and place the nail into the trimmers’ opening. In a slow but firm manner, clip the nail off.

Remember, dog groomers had dog grooming training so they can clip nails at a quicker pace. Dog groomers will use various tactics to trim your dog’s nails. They may use straps or put them in a tiny, enclosed area. This will allow the dog groomer to pull the paws through the hole and clip the nails. However, this method is stressful and it might do better to clip your dog’s nails at home.

If you’re a beginner, go slowly when you clip dog nails and be mindful of how your canine is reacting. Should you accidentally cut into a blood vessel, immediately get hold of a clean cloth or paper towel. You’re going to place pressure on the nail until the bleeding has stopped. (It’s best to have a styptic powder nearby… just in case.). Be mindful that cutting his/her nails in the house and making them bleed will spread blood on the floor or carpet.

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  1. The Oster Premium Nail Trimmers are the Pliers type of clippers. I purchased mine at WalMart and thought I would have to return them because they were impossible to open. I took a screwdriver and loosened the screw on the front side and managed to set them properly. I think they will be okay now.

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