How to Wash Your Dog Without Water

Have you ever wondered if it were physically possible to give dog baths without any water?

If you’re looking to know how to wash your dog without water and still make him/her smell their very best, then you’ll be delighted to learn that there are three possible alternatives for you to use.

– Three Alternatives to Dog Baths with No Water –
Give Your Canine Friend a Refreshing Look Quickly

pet wipes1 – Pet Wipes

Do you enjoy the great outdoors with your canine friend?

How many times have you gone out with your dog only to realize he/she is caked with dirt and mud and needs a good wash down?

Does get a bit frustrating, doesn’t it?

Rather than putting up with the dirt, mud and smell in your car on your way home, brinpet wipes to give him a quick clean up before the journey home – no water and no shampoo.

Here’s how to wash your dog using pet wipes:

  1. Dry your dog off using a clean towel
  2. Thoroughly brush the coat to loosen and remove the dirt.
  3. Use dog-made moistened pet wipes to clean your dog completely. How many you use will depend on your dog’s size and how dirty your dog is.
  4. Be sure you use only pet wipes designed to clean around the eyes to remove the dirt and drainage. Don’t use wipes on the inside of the eye or on open wounds.

2 – Use No-Rinse Shampoos During A Touchup

waterless dog shampooDogs get messy… it’s just that simple! You can give them dog baths and, five minutes later, they’re dirty again.

And, the reasons for their dirtiness are astronomical: poop on their butts or mud or grime in their coat… to name a few.

Of course, the way to eliminate the dirt from your canine friend is to make use of a no-rinse shampoo.

A no rinse shampoo will clean the small parts of the coat where dirt has collected. Be sure to wet a sponge or paper towel and put a little shampoo on them. Be sure to scrub the area that’s gotten dirty so that it removes the grime.

Once done, comb the hair so that it dries and puffs up. If you want to get the hair dry faster, be sure to use a hair dryer.

3 – Dog Scents

dog scent sprayThere may be times you notice that your dog just doesn’t smell right.  

If you can’t do quick dog baths on short notice (perhaps company is coming over), then you should consider some type of dog scents.  

One inexpensive “how to wash your dog without any water” option is to use a dog scent spray, which can be found in pet supply stores. They’ll ensure that your canine friend smells MUCH better.

You need to read the directions on the label and follow them exactly.

Make sure not to spray the product near the eyes or on their face. In fact, it’s better to place the spray into a cloth and apply it to the dog’s face, avoiding the mouth, nose and eyes.


Do You Have A Dog That Hates Dog Baths?

How to wash your dog | dog baths

If you notice your dog has problems with the dog baths you give him/her, they might need some training.

Whatever the reasons are, unless it’s due to an open injury, you have no access to water, you ran out of sufficient time before your parents’ visit etc., the best solution to keeping your dog clean is to give your dog a good wash.

If it’s solely because your dog dislikes baths, bathe your dog without water will not be your permanent way out. You will need a better solution.

And that is to train your dog to like bathing with water by making the bathing experience pleasurable as well as getting your dog accustomed to the bathing equipment and water. In the “Advanced Dog Grooming Training” eBook, we explain this dog grooming training you need and how that’s done step by step!

Here’s a key tip to remember about dog baths: the first time is NEVER easy!

However, with a bit of time and practice, both of you will be comfortable with one another. And, when that happens, the time you spend and the ease of the dog baths will increase.

Keep in mind that dog baths can be extremely fun. After all, it’s a time for both masters and canine to bond with each other.

And, for many dogs, dog baths are one way to get their masters’ undivided attention.

We hope this article is of value to you. And if you also interested in grooming your dog yourself, find out more about how to groom a dog with the eBook on basic dog grooming techniques. Check it out.

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3 thoughts on “How to Wash Your Dog Without Water

  1. I would like to know what to get for my puppy to be able to clean him up. I think that it would be nice to get some no rinse shampoos. I would also like to get her some dog scents. I think it would be nice to keep her as clean as possible, as well as possible.

  2. I have a dog that hates water. He’ll show his teeth and maybe even bite. He’s a big dog and I’m a little women. Is there a better way to get him to like water?9

  3. I enjoyed reading this page, simply because it made me feel quite smug.

    My dog loves water and will always jump straight into the first water she sees each time she goes out.

    No need for me to take any measures to get my dog to accept a bath.

    In fact I have the opposite problem!

    Do you think that you could write an article telling me a way to make her less inclined to jump into water, especially muddy puddles?

    Year ago I thought that on cold days the best cure was to hose her down with lashings of cold water. unfortunately she seems not to care in the least that the water is freezing cold. She will stand waiting for the tap to be turned on even when there is snow on the ground, and just loves all the extra attention she gets when she is really dirty.

    How can I cure that?

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